The sustainability of the Area-Based Fish Cultivation Center program in Bantul Regency through Improved Pokdakan Management: Efforts During the Covid-19 Pandemic

PKM activities in the form of management and cultivation technical training are carried out routinely on Wednesday nights at the end of each month and incidentally as needed (Figure 1). Some of the training topics include: strengthening Pokdakan management, good fish hatchery methods (CPIB), good fish farming practices (CBIB), aquaculture business planning, catfish and gouramy hatchery systems, catfish and gouramy rearing systems, etc. This activity was also supported by several student researches taking topics and places in the MDS Pokdakan. As a follow-up to these activities, Pokdakan MDS has registered the Pre-CBIB Competition at the DIY Province level. The evaluation of the competition by the Department of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the DIY Province took place on September 6, 2020 (Figure 2). Currently, Pokdakan MDS is improving documents, compiling Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), and improving cultivation performance in order to prepare for CBIB certification. read more