Jakarta High School of Fisheries held a national level competition which was participated in by various universities and various official high schools. The big FISIONTICAL event (Fisheries Competition and Education Festival) includes scientific competitions in the field of fisheries, which consist of essay competitions, technological innovations, photography, and poster design, as well as national seminars. The contingent of UGM Fisheries students, led by Sahid Hanan Fauzi (Aquaculture 18) and consisting of Rista Tri Purnasari (MSA 17) and Odi Jolanda (THP 18), were declared finalists and entitled to present essay ideas at the Fisheries College on 23 to 25 February 2019. The Gadjah Mada University contingent arrived at Halim Airport, South Jakarta, on February 23, 2019. The agenda for the activities on February 23, 2019 was to attend a Technical Meeting and draw a presentation lottery. It was time in the morning to present a fishing essay idea. There were only two contingents of UGM who passed the physical event, namely the essay and poster teams. The essay that was appointed by the UGM fisheries contingent was the Study on the Application of the IMTA Model or Integrated Multi Tropic Aquaculture and renewable energy to be applied to the Vannamei Shrimp Cultivation Pond on the Depok Coast, Bantul, as a step to optimize fishery production and energy utilization as well as a solution for pond organic waste. The process of presenting Alhamdulillah’s ideas went smoothly, and a day later, it was time for the announcement of the winners. The essay finalists consist of 10 teams, and are required to attend national and international fisheries seminar sessions. Based on the results of the jury’s assessment, the first winner of the FISIONTICAL 19 Fisheries Essay competition was the Ten November Institute of Technology contingent, the second winner was the Gadjah Mada University contingent, and the third winner was the Jembrana Marine and Fisheries Polytechnic contingent. read more